Wingy is a 26 year old Belgian girl, who goes by the name of Mieke Vervloet during the day. At very young age she discovered the joys of art, an event that shaped her into the girl she is today, outlining her whole future. It all started at the age of five, when she went to learn the violin, and a few years later, the piano. And since that wasn’t enough for her, she also joined the local church choir when she was nine years old.

_dsc0020_aShe dedicated her life to her art, but she didn’t keep herself to just music. Other arts, such as drawing, writing and photography weren’t left untouched. And when she was roughly twelve years old, her love for singing began to mature. And soon she was able to perform at various occasions. One of the most outstanding performances was when she sang ‘Castle on a Cloud’, from ‘Les Miserables’ at the opening ceremony of a brand new theatre.
But eventually Mieke encountered more than her share of hardships. Illness struck and some things had to be abandoned, such as school, and her lessons at the music academy. She then tried to do some things such as charity work at a nearby animal shelter, which enabled her to indulge in another one of her life’s main joys, animals.

Fortunately, the now diagnosed illness, Addison’s disease, and on top of that, Ehlers Danlos and also epilepsy, didn’t break her spirits. Wingy her life is still one big fight, but she goes on regardless, finding even more joy in her work than ever before. She got up to the point where she had gathered enough attention to be a guest at a convention where she could sign autographs and make sketches for the visitors, continue her photography, do a few successful auditions here and there (like auditioning by video for singing at Lord of the Dance / Celtic Tiger), write music, and last but certainly not least…work on a CD.
Something that once was thought impossible, came true. And now it’s here, her big dream achieved, the release of ‘Bloodwings’, the first truly major event of her singing-career. A bold step onto a new path.

And so she continues down this direction. As she had gathered a bit of a reputation as a singer/songwriter, she has been asked to compose and record songs, such as for a documentary about Keerbergen, her home-town. Now having done that, she once more focuses all her energy in working on her full CD, which promises to be even more interesting than her debut ‘BloodWings’. ‘Forsaken’, is a mixture of alternative rock, pure piano and vocals, instrumental tracks, and other assorted melodic things.