Are you in need for a voice, or do you need a song for a project, or something bigger?
You might just be at the right place.

Since I just love to sing, or write songs, I’m open for requests.

Here are more details on what you can requests.

Voice for rent

Need a vocal for your song, or maybe a tiny backing?
I’m willing to do so. I can record at home but will never be a proper sound as in a studio.
or I can pop over to somewhere. You will be charged extra if you request me to hire a studio.

Student, independent projects or bigger scaled projects are all welcome.
Price will be depending on the sort of project you request.

Mail me with general details and requests and I can get back to you with a price


Composed songs


I can make instrumental, with / without vocals.
If with vocals, I can not give you a proper sound as on my CD’s because I lack the proper recording materials for vocal recordings. For instrumental I can deliver the sound, like ‘Live and Let Live’ on the CD ‘Forsaken’, for example. Or as the songs I made for the documentary of Keerbergen, etc.

If you need me to book recordings at a studio, additional costs of the studio will be charged.

Student projects, independent projects or big projects are all welcome.
Price will be set upon your request and sort of project

For more information or details, or settlements, mail me at